Robert Figgener becomes EFPRA President

Dr. Robert Figgener was formally sworn in as the new EFPRA President during the 22nd EFPRA Congress in Amsterdam on Friday 14 June.
The European Fat Processors and Renderers Association (EFPRA) is an umbrella organization that represents the broad base of European processors of animal by-products. The national rendering associations throughout Europe organize themselves in EFPRA to pool their interests at European level and thus form a common voice within the EU. All members share the goal of continuously improving the safety, health and sustainability of European food production through the efficient processing of animal fats and other by-products. As an international company, SARIA is directly involved in EFPRA’s work via several national associations.

Dr. Robert Figgener, who has held a management position at SARIA for 17 years, represents the interests of the SARIA Group in the areas of biofuels, animal by-products and animal fats through participation in various trade associations and industry networks. With his expertise and many years of industry knowledge, he not only successfully represents SARIA’s business activities in the various political associations but is also a committed ambassador for cross-industry networking and cross-company collaboration. He has been Vice President of EFPRA since 2018.

Dr. Robert Figgener about his election: “I am very honored to have been elected and I am very much looking forward to serving our industry for the next years! The challenges our industry is facing in Europe are not getting any less. Regulatory requirements in the course of the energy transition, consolidation pressure in the meat industry and legal hurdles in the use and processing of animal by-products and the export of safe animal feed components are just a few examples that we need to tackle collectively. As a truly committed industry, we need to work even more closely together to shape a sustainable future for everyone, together with politicians and society.”