SARIA’s market position in Poland is further strengthened by the acquisition of the JKK Group, which specializes in poultry by-products. Tomasz Krasinski, Managing Director of SARIA Poland: “The merger has clearly increased our range of services for companies in the meat industry. Synergy effects have also been achieved in logistics, for example in the area of raw materials distribution. In addition, by networking our joint know-how, we were able to expand our product range and, in particular, drive forward the specialization of our products.”

JKK brings in three independently operating subsidiaries: Eko-Stok, Struga and Kemos. The group has activities in the field of safe disposal of risk material from meat and agriculture, which belongs to category 1. In addition, the JKK companies process Category 3 poultry by-products into proteins and fats – for use in the pet food or aquaculture sectors, but also for applications in oleochemistry. Tomasz Krasinski: “With this set-up, JKK has ideally complemented SARIA Poland’s range of services: with regard to SecAnim, we have broadened our regional base, and at SARVAL, a completely new processing area has been added with the poultry division.”