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Chemical industry – basic materials and additives of outstanding quality

Animal oils and fats from the SARIA Group are often used in the manufacture of fabric softeners, cleaning products and similar applications, in many cases replacing fossil-based raw materials such as crude oil and palm oil. They also serve as the basis for lubricants and release agents with extremely high pressure and temperature stability for industrial applications, thereby making an effective contribution to smooth production processes. SARVAL and ecoMotion supply customers across various industries with these and many other products.


What we offer

SARVAL offers environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional raw materials based on crude oil, palm oil and coconut oil for applications in oleochemistry. These alternatives utilise animal fats from the food sector. Multiple processing steps lead to the creation of chemical substances that can be used to produce fabric softener and other items.

Industrial manufacturing processes are typically associated with high temperatures and high pressure. These extreme loads can easily cause damage to machines or goods. With their pressure and temperature resistant properties, ecoMotion products incorporated into industrial lubricants and release agents make a significant contribution to preventing such damage. We can also support your production processes with high-grade alcohols as well as plant-based products such as glycerine.

Interested in high-quality oils and fats for your products? SARVAL is happy to help as a reliable and expert partner. For ingredients such as glycerine, the team at ecoMotion are at your disposal.

Bioiberica – we take Life Science further.

Outstanding expertise in biomolecules: Bioiberica is a global life science company dedicated to the health and well-being of people, animals and plants. Its core business is the identification, extraction and development of biomolecules of animal origin, which are processed into high-quality active ingredients for various industries. The company’s extensive product portfolio includes nutritional additives and innovative feed ingredients that improve the performance and health of pets and livestock.

Read more about Bioiberica


We are experts in our field and proud of what we do. Continuous innovation and our team’s extensive experience allow us to find the best solution for your requirements.

Nothing goes to waste, thanks to the innovative processes and technologies at our sites. They also enable us to use by-products of the manufacturing process and transform them into valuable ingredients for the chemical industry.

We offer high-quality products, tailored to your individual needs. Our broad portfolio of environmentally friendly products allows us to meet a wide range of different requirements. Made from organic residues, they provide a sustainable alternative to finite resources, thereby supporting you in contributing to a healthier planet.

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