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Are you aware that not everything that is left over in society needs to be wasted? 

We at SARIA see the value that lies in unused organic materials and we commit ourselves to a circular business model. This is what drives us as one group to do what wedo every day. To make use of organic materials in a way that’s sustainable and creates value for our partnersand the environment our subsidiaries.

Three divisions, one group, one mutual goal: Together towards a sustainable world and healthier living.

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Transparency, reliability, and professional expertise characterize all our activities.

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We comply with legal and ethical standards and are committed to corporate social responsibility.

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We foster the sustainable development of our partners and our own business by permanently striving for greater efficiency and competitiveness.

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Our ambition as the SARIA Group is to be the preferred partner for sustainable solutions. To this end, our subsidiaries offer a comprehensive range of products and services with which we create added value for our customers and suppliers. Our products are used in many sectors, from agriculture and animal feed to the food industry, from restaurants to the pharmaceutical sector. Sustainable fuels and new types of energy are also part of our portfolio. In addition, we provide important services around safe, fast and hygienic disposal of food waste, animal by-products and potential organic risk material.

Across all our activities, we seek to contribute to conserving scarce natural resources. We collect animal by-products and organic residues that would otherwise be wasted and transform them into high-quality raw materials for new uses in other industries. Cooperation between our various business units ensures that seamless recycling chains are created in the interests of sustainability.

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SARVAL offers a full-service portfolio, with services ranging from the collection of animal raw materials in the meat-processing industry, cutting plants and butcheries to hygienic, high-quality recycling. The specific characteristics of the fats and meals produced by SARVAL are carefully tailored to customer requirements: meals for use in the pet food sector feature a high protein content, while meals used for fertiliser in agriculture have a high nitrogen and phosphate content. The fats produced are an important raw material for many industrial applications.

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Fish meal and fish oil have been produced on the North Sea coast in Cuxhaven since 1912. Working closely with the fish-processing industry, Bioceval turns fresh fish trimmings and offcuts from Germany and neighbouring countries into fish oil and fish meal, applying high ecological and hygiene standards. Using waste in this manner avoids the need for more fishing. The oils and meals are primarily used for responsible farming of fish in aquaculture and for making feed and pet food. The company’s products are also in demand as lubricants and release agents for industrial applications.

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As combating climate change becomes ever more pressing, demand for sustainable fuels is soaring. ecoMotion is a pioneer of the biodiesel industry. It has been producing and selling biodiesel since 2001 and is now one of the leading suppliers in Europe. ecoMotion uses animal fats, used cooking oils and vegetable oils to produce its fuel. The resulting biodiesel meets high quality standards and is blended with conventional diesel fuels by the oil industry in order to improve their climate credentials.

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Not all animal by-products are suitable for recycling. This is where SecAnim, which is short for Security in Animal Processing, comes in. The company specialises in safe disposal of fallen animals and potential risk material from the meat and livestock industry. SecAnim collects and processes these materials in accordance with strict legal requirements and exacting hygiene standards. The resulting meals serve as alternative fuel for power plants and in the cement industry. Animal fats are also produced, which serve as raw material for the production of biodiesel.

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From food production and the hospitality sector to retail, many industries generate food waste, unusable food and used frying fats that need to be disposed of safely and hygienically. ReFood collects these organic materials and puts them to good use. The company extracts sustainable energy in the form of electricity, gas and heat, plus feedstocks for biodiesel from the organic mass, through a series of carefully coordinated processing steps. The by-product of the company’s biogas plants is an organic fertiliser that is used in agriculture.

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Vegetable oils and fats  and their quality  play an essential role in the catering sector. To guarantee the best possible taste and maximum freshness and hygiene, frying oils in particular must be changed regularly. GERLICHER is the perfect partner here. The company supplies restaurants and the food industry with a wide range of premium frying oils and also disposes of used frying oils. Its innovative FATBACK® system ensures convenient delivery and collection.

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Bioiberica is a global life science company dedicated to the health and well-being of people, animals and plants. The focus is on biomolecules of animal origin, which are extracted by Bioiberica and turned into high-quality active ingredients for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and veterinary industries. The portfolio also includes sustainable solutions for agriculture, such as plant protection products and innovative feed ingredients.

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Van Hessen is the leading global player in the harvesting, processing and distribution of natural casings, meat products and pharmaceutical products. Thanks to our worldwide operation of gutrooms inside slaughterhouses, Van Hessen is able to operate close to the source and secure a constant flow of raw material for our customers. By controlling and supervising all steps in the process of the supply chain, we can guarantee high quality products.

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