Corporate Compliance

For us, corporate compliance is the basis of our actions as a company. Our shareholders, customers and business partners, public authorities and the general public expect us to act lawfully, competently and responsibly at all times. Each and every one of our employees therefore has a duty to comply with company policies, relevant legislation and ethical principles in performing their duties.

Our Code of Conduct

Our mandatory Code of Conduct covers all essential issues and core principles required for lawful and compliant behaviour. Following this Code of Conduct is essential for our corporate responsibility and for building long-term business relationships. To find out more, download the SARIA Code of Conduct here.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct

Together with our suppliers along the supply chain, we agree on binding regulations in form of a “Supplier Code of Conduct”. The Supplier Code of Conduct is based on national laws and regulations, as well as international conventions such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Children’s Rights and Business Principles, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the international labour standards of the International Labour Organization and the United Nations Global Compact. You can download the “Supplier Code of Conduct” here.

Our policy statement on the human rights

To ensure that our human rights and environmental expectations as well as the legal requirements are met within our own business area and by our suppliers, we have adopted a policy statement on the human rights strategy. If you would like to learn more, you can download the policy statement here.

Our Business Principles

Achieving our goals is dependent on our commitment to certain rules of behaviour, as summarised in our Business Principles. Across the Group, they guide our work, thereby providing greater transparency and direction. However, these principles are also a promise to you and create expectations that we aim to live up to. We are committed to actively meeting this challenge in the coming years. You can download our Business Principles here.

Our commitment to data protection and privacy

Data protection encompasses the protection of everyone’s personal data against unauthorized collection, processing, and disclosure, as well as the protection of the individual’s right to informational autonomy. As a corporate group, SARIA is committed to continuously improve data protection and data security to guarantee our employees as well as our business partners security in the handling of personal data. As part of these efforts, the SARIA Group has decided to implement a uniform and publicly accessible data protection regulation that represent a binding framework for any entity within our corporate group. You can download our commitment to data protection and privacy here.

A career with SARIA

We are the best partner for sustainable solutions and set new standards within our industry with tailor-made products and services. We look forward to meeting you!

With 13,000 employees and operations in 26 countries around the world, SARIA is a global company and leading specialist in the recycling of animal and plant waste. At the same time, as a family business we value a hands-on mentality and want each employee to grow and develop their abilities. It is this combination that makes us stand out as an employer and characterises life at SARIA.lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit