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Biogas and biodiesel – sustainable energy for all sectors

Global demand for energy is increasing daily. Amid the debate about coal, nuclear power and oil reserves, there are also highly sustainable alternatives available, like those in which the SARIA Group specialises. Biogas is produced in our ReFood plants, allowing enough heat and electricity to be generated each year to meet the needs of around 90,000 households. We also produce environmentally friendly biodiesel based on residual materials, which significantly reduces the consumption of fossil resources.

What we offer: Biogas

Although natural gas is often cited as a superior alternative to oil against the backdrop of carbon emissions, this resource is also finite and must be protected. SARIA has therefore developed a far more promising model: our ReFood subsidiary produces biogas based on organic materials such as food and food waste that occurs in supermarkets, the hospitality sector and food production. Electricity and heat can be generated from this alternative energy source without any natural raw materials being used.

Putting residual materials to good use rather than simply disposing of them constitutes sustainable recycling. SARIA companies are already feeding countless kilowatt hours of bioelectricity into the public grid every day, thereby reducing carbon emissions by 173,000 tonnes a year. We also feed biogas into the natural gas grid. We thus not only use the energy produced to operate our own plants, but also go one step further to create new pathways for a sustainable future and to protect the environment.


In addition to addressing the finite nature of raw materials, the need to reduce carbon emissions in order to protect the earth’s atmosphere is a key driver behind our pursuit of alternative energy sources. ecoMotion biodiesel is climate-friendly, sustainable and meets all European quality standards. Manufactured from recycled materials that were previously considered waste, it features total resource conservation and exemplary greenhouse gas savings. The use of biodiesel produces up to 90 per cent less CO2 than fossil fuels. ecoMotion mainly sources the raw materials it processes from sister companies within the SARIA Group. In addition to animal fats from rendering, these materials include used cooking oils and fats. The content of a 90 kilogram frying oil container produces enough biodiesel to drive a medium-sized car for 1,000 kilometres.

Biogas aus Raps

Would you like to learn more about our products? More information on biogas can be found at ReFood. Interested in biodiesel? ecoMotion can provide all information you need.


Thanks to the formidable expertise of our employees, we can offer you the best solutions when it comes to renewable energies. We are proud to contribute to a healthy planet every day through our sustainable business model.

At our sites, we use innovative technologies developed in partnership with leading technology providers that allow us to produce renewable energies from organic residues.

Our products support you in contributing to a healthy planet and a more sustainable way of life. By using organic waste materials instead of scarce natural resources, we provide you with sustainable solutions for various energy and fuel needs.


A career with SARIA.

Wir sind der beste Partner für nachhaltige Lösungen und setzen mit maßgeschneiderten Produkten und Dienstleistungen neue Standards innerhalb unserer Branche. Wir freuen uns, Sie kennenzulernen!

With over 11,000 employees and operations in 26 countries around the world, SARIA is a global company and one of the leading specialists in the recycling of animal and plant residues. At the same time, as a family business, we value a hands-on mentality and want to challenge and promote each employee according to their abilities. It is this combination that makes us stand out as an employer and characterises everyday working life at SARIA.

Thanks to the wide range of activities and continuous growth of our Group, we offer exciting career opportunities and appropriate jobs to suit almost any professional background. As an employee of the SARIA Group, you can help play your part in supporting sustainable use of resources. For more information and current job openings, click here.

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