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There are few areas where a painstaking, legally compliant approach is as important as in the collection and disposal of animal risk material. Uncompromising adherence to strict hygiene standards is essential, since not all animal by-products are suitable for recycling. The law clearly stipulates which materials are classified as possible risk materials and must therefore be collected and disposed of safely and as quickly as possible.

What we offer

SecAnim is the SARIA Group expert in this field. The company operates around 180 unique collection vehicles across Germany, thereby enabling reliable collection, e.g. when risk material needs to be picked up from farmers. SecAnim travels to the agreed location with a vehicle specially designed for safety and hygiene and removes the risk material. This service is available to farms of all sizes, zoos and veterinary clinics. We can help you with your disposal needs.

The risk material is taken to the relevant SecAnim facility, where proper and safe disposal is carried out in strict compliance with the applicable EU directives. For maximum safety, this takes place in precisely defined steps: size reduction, sterilisation, drying and degreasing. In addition, all vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected inside and out after each day’s deployment.

Your Partner

SecAnim’s goal here is to make collection as easy as possible for you. You can use an app to request our services regardless of location and device. An associated digital customer portal provides access to all the necessary documents and invoices and includes a forwarding option (e.g. to your tax advisor). more

ecoMotion – Producing top quality biodiesel since 2001

As a customer, you contribute to sustainable recycling. The fats from processing are turned into a precursor for biodiesel, while the animal meal is used in an environmentally friendly way as an alternative fuel for power plants or in the cement industry.

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Our team is always ready to provide efficient, customer-friendly collection of risk material.

Our extensive nationwide network of specialist locations ensures a fast response to your requests as well as safety during processing.

We make an important contribution to the health and safety of people and animals through hygienic collection of fallen animals in compliance with legal requirements.

Our specially designed hygienic and safe collection vehicles.

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