Executive Board visits Devro in Jilemnice

During a joint visit by the SARIA Executive Board and the Chairman of the SARIA Supervisory Board to the Devro site in Jilemnice (Czech Republic), the wide product portfolio and the associated process steps in the field of collagen-based coatings and casings for the sausage industry were presented.
Besides a detailed plant tour, the SARIA Executive Board met with the local management and received insights into Devro’s process automation efforts and commitment to employees, health and safety measures, environmental protection and sustainability, as well as Devro’s involvement in the local community.
Following the company’s acquisition in April 2023, Devro is the newest member of the SARIA Group. Out of seven facilities worldwide, two are in the Czech Republic. The site in Jilemnice was opened in 1963 and employs more than 800 people today. The more than 900 product variants produced in Jilemnice are sold and shipped to over 90 countries worldwide. A large proportion of the product portfolio consists of edible collagen casings for a number of application categories including fresh and processed foods.

In addition to the SARIA Executive Board, the Honorary Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the RETHMANN Group, to which SARIA belongs, also visited Jilemnice in March. In line with the principle of ‘embracing change while preserving the roots’, these visits are an integral part of SARIA’s corporate culture as a family business. For this reason, the SARIA Executive Board combines several of its board meetings with these types of on-site visits over the course of the year.