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Pharmaceutical industry – highest quality and product safety

Quality and safety play an absolutely crucial role in the manufacture of medical products. Accordingly, the origin and quality of the incoming ingredients are extremely important. Two SARIA Group subsidiaries – Van Hessen and Bioiberica – are engaged in sourcing exceptional raw materials and preparing them for use in the pharmaceutical industry in accordance with the highest standards and the latest scientific methods. Van Hessen focuses innovative technologies allowing to extract valuable substances from raw materials, whereas Bioiberica uses these substances as base materials for medication and a range of dietary supplements.

What we offer

Bioiberica, the world’s leading manufacturer of heparin API, is part of the SARIA Group. Heparin is the most commonly used anticoagulant drug worldwide and is utilised in the prevention and treatment of thrombosis, among other applications. It has been on the WHO’s essential medicines list since 1977. In addition, Bioiberica produces many other active ingredients for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications, including the treatment of joint problems and thyroid disorders. All products are based on biomolecules of animal origin and are 100 per cent organic. Full traceability and comprehensive quality control are guaranteed throughout the production process.

Among other activities, Van Hessen is also a supplier of raw materials to the pharmaceutical industry. These include the mucosa required for making heparin API, much of which is derived from our own offal production. We can also support you around the production of chondroitin by supplying cartilage extracted from bovine trachea. Pancreases, likewise available from Van Hessen, can be used as a raw material for drugs to treat gastrointestinal diseases. For all these products, we have set ourselves the goal of offering you the highest quality as well as a transparent and secure supply chain – because trust is fundamental to our business relationships.


Your partner for heparin active ingredients and many other innovative ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry is Bioiberica. Find out more about pharmaceutical raw materials of animal origin, such as mucosa, cartilage and pancreases, at Van Hessen.

Did you know?

The SARIA Group not only offers you great products, it also delivers sustainable solutions for a broad range of businesses. We produce climate-friendly biogas for generating green electricity and other uses. The production of biodiesel in conjunction with SARIA subsidiary ecoMotion involves used frying oils as a central component of our sustainability efforts. The 322 million litres of biodiesel we produce each year allow CO2 savings of around 765,000 tonnes.

Find out more about ecoMotion


We are experts in our field and proud of what we do. Continuous innovation and our team’s extensive experience allow us to find the best solution for all your needs.

Our raw materials are locally sourced and then processed in state-of-the-art facilities across the globe. This allows us to respond efficiently and effectively to our clients’ needs.

Everything we do is driven by a strong desire to improve the health and well-being of people, animals and plants. Our focus on excellence makes us a strategic, service-oriented partner to the pharmaceutical industry, offering full traceability and transparency throughout our entire supply chain.

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